Q/ What sets you apart from other Curtain Companies ?

A/ Denise & Louise have owned and operated Curtain Elegance since 1986, over the years we have gathered so much experience and knowledge about window furnishing that we can pass on to our clients. One of the most important things is we listen to You, what your needs are and your budget. You don’t have to spend a lot on window furnishing to achieve a practical and elegant look when you are getting good advise from people that know what they are doing in design and manufacturing.

Q/ What areas do you travel ?

A/ We service all of Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, we will travel further depending on the size of the job. Please phone to discuss your needs so we can choose the appropriate samples to take out with us when we go to measure up.

Q/ Should I choose curtains or blinds for my windows ?

A/ That is certainly something we can help you with, by just going to your home we can best advise what window treatments would suit best in certain rooms and different aspects facing Windows.

Q/ How long does custom made curtains and blinds take to manufacture?

A/ It depends on how much detail is involved in the design and availability of the fabric chosen, one thing we have in our favour is we have our own workroom, which is a huge plus, so we try very hard to meet your deadlines, mostly we say about 3 to 4 weeks.

Q/ Can I install the curtains and blinds myself ?

A/ You can if you feel confident, we are happy to give you any advice and instruction on where to fit things, but our preference would be to complete the whole job and make sure everything is perfect.

Q/ What is the average price of curtains ?

A/ Because of the huge range of curtain samples we carry and a vast difference in prices it’s very difficult to say, if you were doing a simple style single curtain with a hand drawn track for a 200cm wide X 2100 drop you would only be looking at about $300.00 in a low budget fabric, so it really depends on the design and price of the fabric. If you give us a budget we can work with in that.

Q/ How do I look after my curtains ?

A/ When we manufacture all our curtains by law we have to sew a care label on the inside with all the instructions on how to care for your curtains, because of the different contents in fabrics  its very important to read these care labels, if you are not sure just give us a call and we can give you the best advice.

Q/ Do you offer a maintenance service ?

A/ Yes we do on all our own manufacturing and installation no matter how long ago you had them installed, some maintenance service maybe an  extra charge depends on how long ago we installed the your job. We pride ourselves on our customer service.